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Adam Vega, CFP® profile image

Adam Vega, CFP®

Adam Vega is the President of Avance Private Wealth Management. He has worked in the financial planning space for over thirteen years, offering planning and wealth management services to his clients.

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Palm Beach, FL
Evan Ehrenberg profile image

Evan Ehrenberg

After graduating from UC Berkeley at 16, Evan became the MIT's youngest neuroscience Ph.D. Evan founded Clara Health in 2015 and joined Waterlily to lead compliance and integration in 2022.

7 Posts
Sparks, NV
Holly Simpson, MSW, JD profile image

Holly Simpson, MSW, JD

Owner/Attorney, Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration at Simpson Law Firm.

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Charlotte, NC
Jim Uren,  CFP® profile image

Jim Uren, CFP®

Jim Uren is a financial advisor at Phase 3 Advisory services. He has a CFP® certification and has worked for over 20 years in the financial planning space.

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Buffalo Grove, IL
Jonathan Michaels profile image

Jonathan Michaels

Jon Michaels is the founder and CEO of Stronghold Financial, a leading wealth management and Medicaid planning firm that is recognized for their involvement in their clients’ LTC planning journey.

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Phoenix, AZ
Lily Vittayarukskul profile image

Lily Vittayarukskul

Ex-NASA data scientist building the future of financial planning tools for eldercare using AI. Connect with me to talk about financial planning from first principles.

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Matt Calme, CFP® profile image

Matt Calme, CFP®

Matt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with HCM Wealth Advisors in Cincinnati, OH. Graduating from Northern Kentucky University in 2014, Matt has just shy of a decade of experience with planning.

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Cincinnati, OH
Stephen Taylor, JD, CFP® profile image

Stephen Taylor, JD, CFP®

Steve is the founder of Merited Wealth and formerly Board Certified in Elder Law and chair of the Special Needs Trust Committee of the Florida Bar. Steve is also a Certified Financial Planner®.

4 Posts
Miami, FL