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Welcome to Waterlily!

Navigating the Journey of Long-Term Care and Financial Preparedness

Welcome to Waterlily!

Embarking on the road of caregiving and financial planning for our later years can be challenging and often filled with uncertainties. Waterlily, founded by Lily Vittayarukskul, is your compass in this journey, shedding light on the intricate maze of elder care, long-term caregiving, financial planning, and much more.

Whether you are:

  • Crafting a Solid Future through financial strategies for long-term care,
  • Delving into the complexities and Roles of a Primary Caregiver,
  • Seeking to understand the essentials of Elder Law and Estate Planning,
  • Exploring avenues beyond traditional Long-Term Care Insurance,
  • Or hoping to assist an aging relative without being caught off guard,

Waterlily provides insights, advice, and a wealth of knowledge curated from the heart of experienced professionals.

While our digital garden is still blossoming with content, we invite you to dive into articles already available. And as our community grows, we look forward to enhancing your understanding and equipping you with tools to navigate these pivotal stages of life with confidence.

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Lily Vittayarukskul profile image Lily Vittayarukskul
Ex-NASA data scientist building the future of financial planning tools for eldercare using AI. Connect with me to talk about financial planning from first principles.